July 25, 2013


I cooked lunch and knew the apartment had been quiet for too long.  She was in her favorite room in the house - my bedroom.  It is a mature and luxurious realm for a 9-year old's tender mind.  To her, it's a wonderland of big-girl cosmetics, pretty colors and adult furnishings, girlish pieces of clothing and jewelry slung in seemingly random places, and a large mirror which had been lowered to accommodate her height. 

She is so sweet and young that putting on her "big sister's" makeup is a splendid experience.  Admittedly, even being in my (hehem) late 30's, having the occasional opportunity to reach into my best girlfriend's cosmetic bag to use something new-to-me can be a small excitement.  It's interesting that, even though there's a margin of 30 years between us, my little sister and I are not that different:  We're still both girls. 

Noticing the atypical quiet in the house, I tip-toed into the room to catch a secret glimpse of her clandestine activities.  She stood there, reflecting on herself in the mirror.  "Don't look yet, Alyson.  Don't look!", she said adamantly, as if she were planning a grand unveiling of her masterpiece and I couldn't sneak a peek one second before.  I agreed to not look until she was completely done and took a seat behind her on my bed.

What I loved more than anticipating the lavishly-applied lines and colors on her face, was that I noticed she had slipped her feet into a pair of my linen high-heeled shoes.  No doubt what attracted her was the feminine bow at the tip of the shoe.  I also noticed - she still had the same socks on that she had just hiked in one hour earlier and that her tiny, but growing, foot was dwarfed by the size 8 1/2 adult shoe. 

Once she was ready, she took her final stroke with the brush and turned around in a dramatic swoop to let me admire her.  Like an artist, she was so proud of her work - and, you know, she looked pretty good.  I smiled and gave approval of her makeover and we began to adjourn for lunch. 

Just before we left the room, I turned to her with my camera and thought, I never want to forget this sweet, innocent moment.

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  1. It's so nice to hear your voice back here again. It has been missed.